Expenses Policy

The guiding principle of our Expenses Policy is that no member of the executive committee, leaders or helpers should be expected to end up out of pocket through providing for our Group’s activities, gaining and maintaining mandatory qualifications, or participating in courses already sanctioned by this executive.

Much debate has been over whether Travel Expenses should be routinely available ? It has been concluded that in this review period it shouldn’t be standard. They can however be granted in special circumstances; where approved beforehand by the GSL.

There are then four man Expenses categories to consider:

  1. General expenses for consumable items
  2. Equipment & Services
  3. Regular Group Expenses
  4. Camps and Organised Trips or Events

note: The total of these individual sums will reflect the likely annual cost of running the Group. It is therefore essential that such a Budget is collated and considered by the Executive prior to setting the annual Subscription rates.

General expenses

Each Section Leader has a standing authority to purchase items of small value for the weekly activities they intend to run during a term.  The Executive Committee have agreed that each section can spend up to £3 per member (as recorded at the start of each term) per term without obtaining additional approval.  This budget is the responsibility of the Section Leader who, at the end of each term should submit an expenses claim form together with VAT receipts.  This should be sent to the Group Treasurer.  This fund should not be used to purchase equipment or fund trips, camps, etc. ( For this kind of trip, see section below ‘Camps and Organised Trips or Events )

Occasionally, it is likely that other members of the committee may need to spend small sums of money on items such as consumables, postage, etc.  Providing the total expense is less than £20, no prior approval is required from the Executive Committee. However, an expenses form must be completed and submitted for approval and payment, then overseen by the Executive Committee at their next meeting.

Group / Section Leaders will need to order Badges / Neckers for their members on a regular basis. This does not need specific approval from the Executive Committee. ( see Regular Group Expensessection )

Equipment & Services

Larger expenditure, for example for Huts’ Maintenance and Project work, the purchase of Equipment or Services, must be approved by the Executive Committee prior to the expenditure. Under normal circumstances, prior agreement at an Executive Committee meeting is needed and recorded in the minutes. In exceptional circumstances, in the case of essential or replacement equipment, approval can be obtained via email with agreement from the Chairman, Treasurer and Group Scout Leader. (and Tabled at the next Exec.)

Regular Group Expenses

The Treasurer has the authority to raise cheques for the payment of the following items without having to request approval at an Executive Committee meeting:

  • Venue Hire for regular meetings of each section
  • Annual Insurance Renewals
  • Payment of any Badge / Necker account invoices
  • Capitation fees
  • Any other regular Group expenditure

NB: All cheques require two signatures.

Camps and Organised Trips / Events

It is intended that any organised Group or Section Camp, Trip or other Event is costed to end up “funds neutral.” Each should be managed by a nominated organiser who must assess whether this is likely, or if a deposit, support or a “float” is needed. Any such support requires consideration and approval by the Executive Committee ahead of the event, and recorded in the minutes. Any help or hardship support relating to attendance at the event is in the gift of the Section Leader, but should be documented in the Account accompanying the Expenses Form following the event. Items for direct payment should be invoiced to the Group and sent to the Treasurer for payment.

The Section / Group Leader must make a judgement about charging Leaders and Helpers attending Camps / Events, and discuss it with them fully at the planning stage. The default position for Camps / Events where we are attending as 4th/6th Stirling is that we don’t charge them (their presence is vital), unless one of the following applies :-

  • They gain some tangible benefit through attending ( eg Theatre, Foreign Trip etc)
  • The extra cost can’t be borne by the (eg) Scouts (Some reduction might apply ?)
  • The Helpers insist on making payment (Needs to be Documented)
  • The costs are set by (eg) Region, National or other body (reduction might apply ?)
  • We are not attending as purely 4th/6th Stirling (Outside support may be available)

In any case, if Leaders / Helpers are attending, and are making a payment, they should make an Expenses claim. It is then up to themselves whether they accept the recompense or return it to the Treasurer, (Must be documented)