Our beavers take part in lots of activities that go towards various “activity” and “challenge” badges. Please sew them onto the beaver’s jumper when your beaver is awarded with the badges. Below is a diagram showing where they should go.

On the right hand arm going the 4th/6th name tap followed by Scotland badge, region badge (green with yellow border) and district badge (blue with white cross and red border) as shown on diagram on the link below.

 Beaver Badge Instructions PDF

All the new challenge badges which are red and the old ones that were yellow go on the right hand side at chest level.

The purple membership badge goes on the left chest.

The activity/staged activity badges which are yellow go on the left arm.

The Chief Scout Bronze Award Badge which we hope some of the beavers will earn goes on the right hand side at chest level.

More information about the badge system can be found on the website.